Meet Casey

Moon energy. Teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Breath Work. Reiki practitioner.

Meet James

Sun energy. Teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Breath Work, Cold Water Therapy and Men’s Group. Your host on Give A Shift Podcast.

Give a Shift Podcast

Five years ago, when I found myself in the mental hospital everyone greeted me with the question, “what are you in here for?” So that’s the question I present to my guest. What is your story and how did you transform your pain into purpose? Give a Shift podcast is a place for storytellers to inspire and uplift others on their journey from victim to hero.

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  • 016. Verbatum Jones: Not Praying For Likes But Living An Authentic Spiritual Life
  • 015. Gurumittar Khalsa: How To Stay Open and Keep The Chi Flowing
  • 014. Dr. Somer Nicole: How To Stay Grounded While Being A Healer
  • 013. Kevin Minogue: Ayahuasca is Not the Answer… Connecting With Your Inner Guide's Is The Way
  • 012. Geenie Celento : How to Reconnect to Your True Self Through Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology
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