Guided Breathing & Ice Bath

Spring 2020
At our home in Santa Fe, NM

We will be incorporating movement and breath work to prepare our bodies and mind for the ice cold bath.

Why take an ice bath? It is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, boost the immune system, increase metabolic rate which reduces weight and improves your will power!

Email or call to reserve your spot. Space is limited. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Investment $45

Weekly Classes

TUE | : 6 PM (MDT) , Purest Potential, Santa Fe

To protect the safety of students and teachers during the Coronavirus outbreak this class has been moved online via Zoom until further notice. Please visit for more information.

Yoga + Writing Workshop

EMBRACE TO ERASE : When the tensions of the body are eased, so are the tensions of the mind. Practicing writing and yoga together can ignite your creative fire and liberate your authentic voice and deepest truth

Tour dates:

Coming soon to Purest Potential

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